High cholesterol in young people

SOURCES: Brandon Wilson, FH lawyer, Florida. Peter Gaskin, MD, pediatric cardiologist, University of Maryland Children’s Hospital; assistant professor, pediatrics, University of Maryland, Baltimore. Mary P. McGowan, MD, Chief Medical Officer,…

Choosing a CPAP machine

Sampat says that a sleep technician, sleep technologist, or respiratory technologist can work directly with you to fit the right mask. 3. Think about comfort. Size is only part of…

Australia’s First Locally Developed mRNA Vaccine Heads into Phase 1 Clinical Trials: Health

It will be Australia’s first local Covid-19 mRNA vaccine candidate to reach Phase 1 clinical trials. “Vaccines are the easiest path through this pandemic,” Ms Pulford said on Sunday. The…

Coronavirus: mRNA vaccines do not harm male fertility – study

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Many doctors have stopped calling cancer treatment a "fight" or "battle". They argue that these terms distort how treatment works and if treatments fail, the patient is left with guilt and a false belief that he did not. "fight" pretty hard.

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Do you know who is it? – This is the computer generated image of King Tutankhamun, an Egyptian pharaoh, after testing his DNA.

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Why do we get beatings in the arm? It’s all in the muscle

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Here’s why you should stop using canola oil or margarine!

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How to stop eating emotionally and break free from cravings

Contents[Hide][Show] Food addiction is a real problem in our modern society. Many women especially have a lot of guilt and shame around their weight and not being able to “control”…

The application of AI could help diagnose HIV more accurately, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

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