Super Mario Bros. 35 relives with a server created by fans

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Looking for the best gaming phones? Find it below

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Unplugged lets you play aerial guitar in VR this fall

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Apple uses The Little Mermaid to try to sell you the iPad Pro

Apple’s new Little Mermaid parody ad for the iPad Pro.Screenshot: Apple / Gizmodo Although it has been proven that Apple is absolutely does not need help selling its devices, the…

TENEX – A solid-state volumetric OLED display

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Like Google Chrome, Chrome OS will switch to a four-week update cycle

Photo: Robyn beck (Getty Images) Google is ramping up the update schedule for Chrome OS to a four-week cycle in the third quarter of this year, the company said on…

“Demon Throttle” top-down shooter is a physical exclusive for the Nintendo Switch

The digital age meant that games could never be out of print again. You can still find a title in an online store, even when your local GameStop is sold…

Netflix releases new ‘Arcane’ music video during Geeked Week

Still of ArcanePicture: Netflix At Netflix’s Geeked Week reveal event, the streamer posted a clip and some first photos for his animated adaptation of Riot Games’ Esoteric, which is based…

Chinese rover on Mars took a selfie

selfies mars are not limited to American rovers. As The edge Remarks, China had its Zhurong rover take a “tour group” photo by planting a distant camera and posing next…

‘Trek to Yomi’ is a 2D samurai game inspired by Kurosawa to be released in 2022

If you have played throughout Ghost of Tsushima in Kurosawa mode and it left you craving more cinematic samurai action, you’ll want to pay attention to Trek to Yomi. Announced…