Meghan McCain says Pelosi should have been willing to play ball with McCarthy after trying to sabotage the 1/6 panel by placing Banks, Jordan on it

At almost every turn, Republicans have resisted any attempt to investigate the events of January 6. Things moved closer this week when Congress sought to convene a panel to investigate the riots.

Kevin McCarthy, however, decided to throw a grenade into the investigation by placing Trump sycophants, Jim Banks and Jim Jordan, on the panel. Nancy Pelosi had no choice but to veto the selections, forcing McCarthy to remove all of his appointees.

The View hosts discussed the events on Thursday’s show. Joy Behar began by noting that Kevin McCarthy has been involved in the investigation since he spoke by phone with Trump that day. It continued, “How can you trust him to handle this kind of situation? He cannot be.

Unsurprisingly, McCain tried to work things out from both sides. Despite McCarthy’s bad faith efforts, Pelosi should have “played ball.”

“I think they’re all bad. I think that’s why Americans are so disgusted and overwhelmed by the vast majority of what’s going on on Capitol Hill, ”she said. mentionned. “These two people have to learn to work together. Republicans and Democrats must learn to live together.

McCain is running out of time on The View as she recently announced that she was going to do something about it. While she is still there, however, she will continue to push GOP talking points and attempt to resolve every issue from both sides.

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