Exclusive: Vikrant Massey opens up about negative comments about Haseen Dillruba

One of the most intriguing and successful films of this year has been the thrilling Haseen Dillruba starring Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane. The film is the chilling story of a woman caught up in the investigation of her husband’s murder.

Vikrant massey

While praise poured in from all over for the actors and their impeccable portrayal of the dark and delightful characters, some people pointed out that the film glorifies toxic relationships and violence. Spilling the beans on how he feels about these comments, Vikrant spoke to Filmfare in detail and said he had to agree to disagree with that section of society. He went on to say that the film is not a public service announcement but pulp fiction that tells a story and does not convey a moral message.

Vikrant added that it was appalling to see educated people point out this problem with the film and completely ignore that this is only a film and that the directors and actors are not spreading anything about the story.

Vikrant massey

Listen to the actor talk about how he received these comments in the video.

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