Chickenpox outbreak in bogus refugee, illegal migrant camp in Tijuana

Photo Sandra Muñoz – LaJornada

There is currently an active outbreak of chickenpox in a bogus refugee detention center in Tijuana, Mexico.
Many children have the virus and several hundred more are vulnerable to the disease.

Patriot Fire reported:

The “El Imparcial” website in Tijuana reports that authorities are facing a chickenpox epidemic in the El Chaparral refugee camp at the border post and in refugee shelters. The refuge managed by the Embajadores de Jesus (Ambassadors of Jesus) shelters “side” deportees from Texas. Carmen Serdan is the refuge built as part of the Return-to-Mexico program, which has been redeveloped since the end of the program.

They are supposed to move people from this camp to shelters by July 15. Many do not want to move because shelters have rules against alcohol, drugs, violence and prostitution. The camp is only a few hundred meters from the border via the Mexican highway crossing. If hundreds of them decide to cross the border en masse to the United States, there is probably not much that can stop them. This situation could worsen in the next 10 days.

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In seven days, they will be done with a chickenpox outbreak in El Chaparral and migrant shelters
(The Secretary of State for Health conducted a chickenpox vaccination session for children under 12 and pregnant women in migrant shelters.)

Tijuana, BC.-In seven days, the chickenpox epidemic that has occurred among migrants in El Chaparral and in the “Embajadores de Jesús” and “Centro Integrador del Migrante Carmen Serdán” shelters will be eradicated.

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