Choosing a CPAP machine

Sampat says that a sleep technician, sleep technologist, or respiratory technologist can work directly with you to fit the right mask.

3. Think about comfort.

Size is only part of the fit. You should also think about what type of mask will best suit your characteristics.

“I see someone in my clinic, I’m looking for certain things to help determine what they need,” Sampat says. “I look at their facial features: do they have a beard? Do they have a big chin? What kind of nose structure do they have?

Another key element in choosing the mask is whether you breathe through your nose, your mouth, or both at night.

“If anyone breathes through his mouth only, for example, choosing a mask that does not cover the mouth is unlikely to be as effective, ”explains Sampat.

4. Explore the accessories.

CPAP machines not only come with masks, tubes, and filters, but they also have add-ons you can get to make your machine more comfortable and easier to use.

“Sometimes people have a hard time getting the hose tangled at night, so they use a hose holder attached to their headboard to keep it out of the way,” Ebben explains.

There are a whole range of “extras” that can enhance your experience. For example, the pads can help soften the feel of the straps, and the heated hoses can moisten the air as it enters your nose.

Not all accessories fit all machines and masks, so make sure you know what will work with yours.

5. Find out who will fix it.

Your machine can have problems from time to time, so it’s good to know who to turn to for a solution.

“If your machine is malfunctioning, the ability to replace or speak to a real person for troubleshooting is essential,” says Chidinma Chima-Melton, MD, medical director of specialty quality care and regional medical director of lung disease at UCLA Health. .

6. Check your coverage.

The most private health insurance the policies cover CPAP machines and equipment such as tubes, filters, masks and helmets. The level of coverage will depend on your specific plan. Your plan may require you to lease your machine instead of buying one.

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