CallMeCarson’s grooming allegations come back to haunt streamer after recent tweet goes viral

YouTuber Carson “CallMeCarsonKing recently posted on Twitter asking for “more time” to respond to the “grooming allegations” made against him.

In January 2021, Noah “Noah” and Travis “Traves”, former members of the Lunch Club, told Daniel “Keemstar” Keem that CallMeCarson had texted “underage girls”. Carson apparently told other Lunch Club members that he had “sexed” minors who were fans.

The situation worsened when a 21-year-old woman named Sam leaked screenshots of Discord messages and accused CallMeCarson of “sending her inappropriate messages” when she was underage.

Regardless, CallMeCarson recently caught the internet’s attention when it posted the following tweet. Most users responded with calls to completely “cancel” Internet personality.

CallMeCarson tweets for the first time in months, asks for “more time”

The YouTube Lunch Club group was dissolved in November 2020. The reason given was the COVID pandemic, although it was revealed on January 4, 2021 that CallMeCarson had in March 2020 admitted to having sexted “underage girls”. It is assumed that this is the reason why “The Lunch Club” has dissolved. For more information on the allegations originally made against CallMeCarson by Noah and Traves, next article can be read.

Things got worse for CallMeCarson when a 21-year-old woman named Sam provided proof that she received inappropriate messages from the YouTuber as a minor (17). She also posted screenshots of the Discord messages, which garnered a huge response from Twitter users.

Since the allegations, CallMeCarson has not been active on either Twitch or YouTube. However, a few days ago, on June 17, Carson posted two tweets before later deleting them. The first tweet contained a photo of US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, along with their September 2020 election poll numbers.

After deleting the first tweet, CallMeCarson tweeted “an accidental tweet, continue” before also deleting the second tweet. This was his only social media activity over the past few months, until the “give me a little longer” tweet. Either way, CallMeCarson seems to be on the verge of making a comeback.

The tweet suggests that he will respond to the allegations made against him, although most Twitter users have criticized him. People accused him of pedophilia and asked that it be “canceled”.

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