Tee Grizzley urges fellow rappers to take out life insurance and make wills

I think it’s safe to say that under 30s probably don’t think about life insurance as much as they should, but Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley is up for having that discussion, especially with those who lead dangerous lives.

While people would say life insurance is a necessity for everyone, Tee Grizzley specifically urges fellow rappers to invest in it because it’s time to prepare, especially if rappers have family.

“So look, as rappers, as successful black men in the trenches, bro, we’re target number one and we’re the least prepared.” Can you smell me? ”Tee Grizzley started her video. “So, I feel like everyone should have life insurance, my brother. I need everyone to go and get life insurance if you don’t have it.

He then appealed to rappers who are parents, asking them to consider their children in the unfortunate event that something should happen to them.

“If you have children, I need you to prepare a will, my brother, for your children, my brother, then God forbids anything to happen, but if anything happens, your people are not daring. after you leave because you are not prepared. You don’t have your shit together, my brother, ”he said.

Tee Grizzley’s post follows a wave of gun violence in the rap community, including the fatal shootings of rising stars Pop Smoke and King Von.

Tee Grizzley also dealt with gun violence on a personal level. The rapper’s aunt and manager was shot dead while driving in a car with him in the summer of 2019.

He made the point stand out at the end of his video, reiterating the need for life insurance and opening the conversation to his audience.

“I need us to get this shit under control,” he said. You can watch the full video below:

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