Man accused of murdering wife admits he also voted for Trump with his mail-in vote

According to FOX 31, FBI officials asked Morphew why he committed voter fraud, and his response was exactly as delusional as the rest of the Big Lie movement:

“Just because I wanted Trump to win… I know she (Suzanne) was going to vote for Trump anyway,” he told investigators. He also said he thought the “other guys” were cheating and that he “would give him (former President Trump) another vote.”

The GOP base’s defense against illegal activity is that they assume the “other guys” are cheating. Morphew also told the FBI that “I didn’t know you couldn’t do this for your spouse. If prosecutors are to be believed, Barry Morphew murdered his wife and assumed that sending his ballot after forging was a legal cause of cheating.

Back in our real world reality, the Conservative movement and its crooks have yet to provide any evidence of massive Liberal-led electoral fraud. the millions of taxpayer dollars thrown down toilet at GOP election fraud distraction side show gave nothing but calcification of the racist and frightened pig’s head of the MAGA base. Because the reality is nothing like their claims, the anti-democracy movement’s claims have more conspiratorial and ridiculous.

The Republican Party, having nurtured this logically incongruous position for so long, has a hot base ready to believe it all, for the majority. It doesn’t matter who tells them they’re wrong, whether it’s their own former heroes or the people they claimed to worship, as soon as you say they are wrong because the facts and the real world contradict their beliefs, you are out.

There are electoral fraud and electoral mischief in our country. But time and time again it has been proven to be run by Republican agents. Whether it be a large number of racist robocalls attempting to misinform the voting public about their privacy rights, or GOP Agents Secretly Spend Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Evicting Bogus Candidates to Divide Votes in Restricted Districts, the real evidence of anti-democratic pushes shows that they are all perpetrated by the Conservatives.

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