Grizzlies mock Kings playoff drought with legendary tweet

The Grizzlies notched an important field victory over the Kings on Friday night, but the punch they landed in a hilarious Twitter exchange with Sacramento after the game may have been an even bigger victory.

It all started when the Kings’ Twitter account took to the barbecue scene in both cities.

Naturally, they gave themselves the advantage over their counterpart in Tennessee.

But the Grizzlies weren’t going to enter the night quietly. They retaliated with an absolute dagger against their Californian counterpart.

On Thursday, the Grizzlies eliminated the Kings from the Western Conference playoff race. It marked Sacramento’s 15th straight year missing the playoffs, which tied an NBA record. Thus, the reference to 15 years to slowly cook the barbecue.

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To their credit, the kings tried to respond and mitigate the damage. But even owning the joke couldn’t save them.

As the Grizzlies have pointed out, there is a lesson to be learned.

And so, it was another losing night for the Kings on and off the court.

But after 15 years, they can get used to it.

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