Explosive new report has witnesses putting Matt Gaetz, escort, and cocaine in same hotel room

The Daily Beast report alleges that Zalonka made several thousand dollars partying with Gaetz and Greenberg during the fundraiser, and it’s not just Greenberg who can attest to the debauched times the two men have spent.

On October 26, 2019, Gaetz participated in the “Defender Trump Gala“Fundraising as featured speaker at the Westgate Lake Resort in Orlando. Two witnesses in attendance recalled friends who gathered again in Gaetz’s hotel room for an after-party, where Zalonka prepared lines of cocaine on the bathroom counter. One of these witnesses clearly remembers Zalonka taking the drugs out of her makeup bag, rolling up a cash bill, and joining Gaetz in snorting the cocaine.

The Daily Beast says the hotel stay was written off by Gaetz as a campaign expense. I thought it was Hillary Clinton selling pizza or something? I guess it was more like the “Trump Defenders”. The people of Gaetz are moms to this story and Zalonka hired a lawyer, who told the outlet that she “does not speak to any media”. The Zalonka connection comes down to why Greenberg resigned in disgrace from his post as Florida tax collector. According to The Daily The beast:

Zalonka, who is an amateur model and the communications director of the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association, received $ 4,000 on Venmo de Greenberg during his first year in office in 2017, mostly in installments of $ 500. And Greenberg, who is married, listed various explanations he paid Zalonka for. In the memo fields of his Venmo payments, he paid him $ 500 for “Stuff”, an additional $ 500 for “Orher Stuff” [sic]and $ 1,000 for “Pool”. One day in November, he paid her $ 500 for “food” and $ 500 for “appetizers”.

After that, Zalonka appears to have entered into a more lucrative business relationship with Greenberg, where she had a job in the government and was paid but never appeared to work – and no one knew what “services” she provided. Two sources said The daily beast that Gaetz and Zalonka had an ongoing financial arrangement that included, among other things, sex, although the newspaper could not confirm that the two had slept together.

It starts to become clear why Donald trump and Kevin mccarthy are trying to stay away from Matt Gaetz at this time. Gaetz will say he didn’t, but considering Matt Gaetz made a career of never say anything true, it’s going to be hard for him to be believed.

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