“Everything under the sun is an infrastructure! (VIDEO)

It is so rare that Democrats are called out for their hypocrisy in the news that it is worth publishing.

Pete Buttigieg recently appeared on CNBC and a reporter called him and Democrats for trying to label just about everything as infrastructure.

Pete tried to get out of it, but it didn’t work.

A really clear policy has a partial transcription:

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JOE KERNEN, CNBC: Have you ever heard the expression that all politics is local? So, you are the secretary of transport now. We are proposing a use of the word infrastructure which Republicans say includes all Democratic Party wish lists dating back 50 years. Now, as the secretary of transportation, do you just want us to take a direct look at your area – roads, bridges, airports. Add internet and Wi-Fi. Let’s make $ 7-800 billion with Republicans, do it, give me my transportation infrastructure, and don’t try to do it all at once.

Tell me you believe it, but I know you won’t.

TRANSPORT SECRETARY PETE BUTTIGIEG: According to the organization chart, I’m the roads and bridges guy. The transport part is the part I’m working on.

But when I think about why roads and bridges are important, the fundamental reason why they are important is that they allow Americans to live the life they want. Whether there is a good road to your destination will determine whether you can go to school, go to work, see your family.

I think the same is true of the other broader forms of infrastructure that we are talking about. They are all part of the foundation that allows us to live well. I don’t want to get bogged down in a semantic or philosophical argument about what to call something if it’s good policy. These are things that Americans want.

Watch the video below:

Nice try, Pete.

Democrats are using infrastructure to push tons of unrelated items.

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