Danny to replace Deftly in Evil Geniuses League of Legends roster ahead of 2021 LCS Summer Split

Evil Geniuses will make some changes to their League of Legends roster ahead of LCS Summer Split 2021.

The organization will be looking to replace its bottom lane, ADC Matthew “Deftly” Chen, with Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki, who was already on their list of fans.

The 17-year-old will play his very first division in the LCS this summer. Fans of the organization will be eager to see how well the rookie fares against some of the best players in the North American league.

Evil Geniuses made the announcement in a recent tweet.

According to the official Evil Geniuses website, Greg Kim, Director of Esports, said:

“As we enter our second season in the LCS, we have decided to broaden our competitive priorities as a League of Legends franchise and to reform our approach to talent development. To do this, we have built an additional infrastructure in our coaching systems, retooled the management of our Academy program and extended to the amateur scene with EG Prodigies.

“We were delighted to see our two development teams make it to the top six in Proving Grounds, but more importantly, we have seen our players make good progress in their growth. As summer arrives, we look forward to continuing our evolution by making some changes to our rosters. “

Evil geniuses promote Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki of Team Prodigies to the League of Legends Championship Series starting roster

Danny, formerly known as the game Shiro, was part of the Evil Geniuses Prodigies during the previous split. He was able to help his team reach 5th place in the League of Legends LCS test grounds.

In his matches in the competition, Danny has shown a lot of promise. With the right advice from veterans of the Evil Geniuses League of Legends roster, he is sure to shine on the LCS scene.

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