5 most interesting GTA 5 RP backstories

GTA 5 RP backstories are something else compared to the official series.

There are some GTA 5 RP background stories that are terrible and ridiculously bad, but there is also a number of interesting knowledge to discover. Since GTA 5 RP is heavily influenced by its creativity, this is bound to result in some interesting stories.

What players consider “interesting” is, of course, subjective. However, the stories listed in this article are worth discussing, especially since some of the characters that are associated with it are so popular. It also goes without saying that all of the GTA 5 RP characters in this article will be from NoPixel because it is the most popular server with the best documentation.

5 best background stories in GTA 5 RP

# 5 – Bovice Wilkinson

As far as the backstory of Bovice Wilkinson goes, he’s just a violent and ruthless criminal who dominates most of the characters in GTA 5 RP in the literal sense of the word. Much of the history associated with Bovice has become a central part of the GTA 5 RP lore.

Bovice Wilkinson is a man who loves to commit crimes and is as crazy as he gets. Unfortunately, not much is known about its backstory.

# 4 – four tee

As odd as the name “Four Tee” is, its backstory can be seen as more tragic than anything else. As a young child, Four Tee lived in a “black box” which would end up socially isolating him from everyone else.

Her only friend at the time was a blood-soaked teddy bear, which shouldn’t be surprising given how unstable she can seem in normal GTA 5 RP sessions.

# 3 – James Tinklebottom

More often than not, the characters in GTA 5 RP tend to have a silly story that borders on the comedic. However, James Tinklebottom’s backstory is more serious in comparison.

Tinklebottom travels to Los Santos because he killed his wife and daughter, which has tormented him ever since. As a result, he has avoided romance and is a troubled individual.

# 2 – Kyle Pred

Kyle Pred’s story is questionable given how unreliable he is as a narrator, but some details seem somewhat plausible.

Kyle slept with his former boss’s wife but continued to work until he took time off. Somehow, this led to Kyle becoming a paranormal investigator. Even stranger than that, he abandoned this hobby when a vampire wanted him to kill another man via a stake through his heart.

It’s a weird story, to say the least, but it’s an interesting backstory, especially since Kyle Pred isn’t a particularly trustworthy person.

# 1 – Uchiha Jones

Players don’t have to like Uchiha Jones as a character, but her story in the GTA 5 RP server, NoPixel, is interesting to some extent.

At the age of four, Uchiha Jones witnessed the brutal murder of her parents. Strangely, it was his sensei who beheaded his parents, so Jones moved to Los Santos to look for him.

Somewhere along the way, Uchiha Jones would get cybernetic limbs and develop the weird personality traits he still exhibits today (like calling people “fucko” as a term of affection).

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the author.

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