‘We need to know’: Covid vaccine trial launched for people with immune disorders

some quotes:

The aim of the study is to help immunocompromised patients understand their level of protection after vaccination.

“There are people who cannot get the vaccine for some reason, or if they do, they don’t produce a response,” she said. “This is why it is really important for everyone else who can get the vaccine and who should be producing a response to get the vaccine.”


CDC says fully vaccinated people can stop wearing masks inside and out Early data suggests people who take drugs that suppress their immune systems have a significantly lower response to the vaccine than people in good health. The data showed a decrease in the antibody response to the vaccine in people with blood cancers as well as in people taking medicines for inflammatory disorders.

In the organ transplant study, researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that patients taking a particular class of drugs, called anti-metabolites, were less likely to develop an immune response.

“I am quite disappointed that a significant number of transplant patients have not achieved a reasonable response to the two doses of the vaccine,” said Dr Dorry Segev, study author and associate vice president of research and professor. of Surgery at Johns Hopkins University.

Segev’s patients in the study have been frustrated as public health restrictions loosen for fully vaccinated patients, amid fear of leaving.

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