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Thomas Tuchel has revealed that meditation is the antidote to all the nerves in the FA Cup final.

The Chelsea boss will dedicate 20 minutes on Saturday morning to a mindfulness session that will kick off his day ahead of the 2021 FA Cup final against Leicester – Tuchel’s first final in English football.

The former Paris Saint-Germain boss, who replaced Frank Lampard towards the end of January, also led Chelsea to the Champions League final, where they face Manchester City on May 29.

“I wake up early and play sports and meditate, then I’m ready to prepare for the first meeting,” Tuchel said of his routine leading up to the FA Cup final on Saturday.

“You try to get into certain routines, sometimes I try to run after matches when they’re late, to get rid of the energy to sleep better.

Tuchel revealed some of his methods of dealing with the stress of managing football

“Sometimes I’m very disciplined, sometimes not.

“I think it’s okay to be excited and nervous, sometimes more or less, and sometimes it can catch up with me before normal games, and sometimes you can feel calm even if the pressure is on.

“It’s just 20 minutes, breathe in, breathe out. And try to do nothing. In the room.

“A few years ago I joined. It helped me, it was a great experience. When I was a coach in Dortmund, or maybe between Mainz and Dortmund.

“Sometimes I’m disciplined and I do it twice a day, other times I forget and go without for a few weeks. It’s nothing special. It’s breathing and trying to do nothing. . “


Tuchel says his side will face ‘two finals’ against Leicester, one for the FA Cup and the second for a top four in the Premier League

Tuchel’s wife will attend his first match at Chelsea, the 47-year-old coach finally being able to handle the Blues in front of the supporters.

Chelsea will then host Leicester in the Premier League on Tuesday night, with both matches being called “finals” by Tuchel given the Blues’ battle for a top-four spot.

Tuchel admitted that Saturday’s FA Cup winners will have little time to drink at the moment.

“There are no celebrations planned, it’s a special moment,” Tuchel added. “It’s too close to the next game. For both teams, I think it’s too close that we are playing again on Tuesday.

“But that’s the schedule and we have to adapt to all the needs. The situation in the league doesn’t allow us to party. We have two finals coming up and we want to win them both.

“We should delay all celebrations – if there was a reason to.”

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