Shah Rukh Khan wishes his fans Eid Mubarak in a special way

Every year, Shah Rukh Khan does something special for his fans on Eid. Whether it was a message, stepping out on his balcony to greet thousands of people or announcing a new project, the actor always took advantage of this day for important things. However, during the pandemic, he couldn’t leave his home or no one could come to his home during the lockdown.

So, to keep the spirits of his fans and followers up, the actor took to Instagram to share a selfie and captioned it as follows: “Eid Mubarak to everyone in the world. May Allah shower each of us with health and give us the strength and the means to be compassionate to all who need our help in our country, India. As always together, we will conquer everything! I love you. ”Just awesome, isn’t it?

Shah Rukh Khan

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