Rick Wilson says if GOP regains control it will immediately impeach Biden and Harris

For many years, Rick Wilson worked for the Republican Party helping candidates get elected. Over the past few years, the former strategist has done all he can to prevent Republicans from getting elected.

And with Democrats now in charge, Wilson is focused on warning the Liberals against appeasement. Because if the Republicans take back their responsibilities, he says, they will immediately indict Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Wilson made the comments during a recent appearance on the Meidas Touch podcast. He Explain, “They will organize daily show trial hearings in Benghazi that will never end. They will drag the administration into a constant stream of having to defend themselves in front of yahoos like [GOP Reps. Madison] Cawthorn and [Marjorie Taylor] Greene and [Paul] Gosar and Jim Jordan and [Matt] Gaetz and all those other morons.

The former GOP strategist continued, “Tit will constantly eat away at the administration’s ability to work and do business and get things done. And once again, they’re going to impeach Joe Biden. They’re going to remove Vice President Harris. They will go after all the brutality that Republicans put through, and like Stuart [Stevens] and i always joke, we’ve been around for a long time, we’ve helped build a lot of these systems, we know what they could do. “

Wilson’s description is very similar to what happened later under Barack Obama’s presidency. With so many unqualified Trumpists in the House, however, it can only get worse. Democrats would do well to heed the words of the strategist.

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