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The social network for sharing images Pinterest immerses itself in the space of live events, TechCrunch first reported Friday.

Probably best known to most Internet users as SEO landing page filled with ads for random images rather than for its social functions, Pinterest has tried to keep up with its titanic competitors with its own programs to financially induce creators. According to TechCrunch, it plans to hold a three-day live event May 24-26 as the first major test of a live streaming feature built into its iOS and Android apps, complete with a comment feed and plugin. purchase.

TechCrunch wrote that Pinterest feeds will support up to three “guests” and no viewer limits beyond, one assumes, regardless. the company’s infrastructure can handle. The site wrote that Pinterest recruited 21 designers to contribute to the event, including celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Van Ness and fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, for a number of not-so-different commerce-focused segments from what l ‘we could find on Instagram or YouTube:

Jonathan van nessThe session will cover morning rituals and self-care routines. Fashion designer Rebecca minkoff will teach Pinterest users how to style their summer wardrobe. Other artists presented at the event include kitchen designers GrossyPelosi and Peter Som, who will present their favorite recipes; Women’s health the magazine will talk about using vision panels to achieve your goals; Jennifer alba show how to communicate the zodiac through sign language; and Hannah bronfman come up with ideas for creating a home spa night.

As of yet, TechCrunch reported that Pinterest has not discussed its long-term plans for streaming, nor has it announced any other type of monetization features (donations, tickets, subscriptions, brand partnerships) that make its biggest lucrative competitors for people with big followers. But there is something to be said about the possibility for the creators of Pinterest to be a big fish in a small pond.

The company has also deployed a “Creator Code” which asks the site’s personalities to behave much better that standards on its big brothers like YouTube, aimed at cultivating a “Inclusive and compassionate” atmosphere (although it has its own problems anti-vaxxers and child sexual abuse material off site). He set up a Fund of $ 500,000 to pay a small group of creators throughout 2021, a figure that is admittedly not comparable to that offered by companies like Snapchat and TikTok.

As Engadget noted, this is not the first time that Pinterest has experimented with live streaming, it has tested a feature called Class Communities last year, although it relied on Zoom to power the video aspect.

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