New York Mayor Bill De Blasio holds press conference announcing partnership with Shake Shack to provide free food to vaccinated residents

Roommates, Mayor of New York Bill De Blasio publicly thrown on some Shake Shack in an effort to introduce free food promotion from the fast food chain for those who are vaccinated in the New York area. According to reports, the new partnership between NYC (and announced by Bill De Blasio) and Shake Shack will offer residents who have been vaccinated at one of the local mobile clinics a voucher for free food.

In the video announcing As part of the Shake Shack free dining initiative, Mayor Bill De Blasio explained in detail how to get the freebies from the famous fast food chain:

“Free fries when you get the shot?” I got the vaccine. Are you saying I could have these delicious fries? Wait a minute, there’s a burger element to that too? I want you to watch this and think about it – again, some people love burgers, some don’t, and we want to respect all lifestyles – but if you like it, think about it when you think about vaccinations. I feel a very good idea of ​​vaccinations at the moment. “

New York residents have the option of receiving a free burger or sandwich voucher or showing proof of vaccination at any of the Shake Shack NYC stores to get free fries with the purchase of a burger or a sandwich until June 12e.

This is the latest national effort to get Americans to get vaccinated, as Ohio recently made headlines with a million dollar promotion for vaccinated residents.

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