NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Biden Out of America’s Decline Edition

On NewsBusters’ latest podcast, we take a look at the big picture under Biden. In less than three months, the country is facing a gas shortage across much of the East Coast, inflation, a slowdown in hiring despite a record number of job openings, fighting in the Middle East and a border crisis. But the media prefer to focus on Liz Cheney who is leading a crusade against Donald Trump, even if it has made him lose his place as leader in the House minority.

Many conservatives compare Biden to Jimmy Carter, with gas lines and inflation (or what they once called “stagflation,” inflation and stagnation). Jim Geraghty at National review prefers to compare Biden to Michael Dukakis, and you get two Reagan-era liberals who can’t imagine what could go wrong with an ultraliberal approach.

We also discuss The Washington Post claiming that CNN until recently was “staunchly neutral,” and the new ruling that vaccinated Americans can stop wearing masks, inside and out. What caused this sudden reversal?

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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