Nag Much? Facebook releases new pop-up to prevent so-called disinformation

Facebook rolled out a new pop-up to deter users from sharing so-called misinformation.

Facebook has taken another step to prevent what some might see as possible misinformation. “Starting today, we are testing a way to promote more informed sharing of news articles”, Facebook Newsroom announced via Twitter Monday. “If you’re going to share a news article link that you haven’t opened, we’ll display a prompt encouraging you to open and read it,

The Facebook Newsroom tweet included an attached screenshot showing a pop-up warning a hypothetical user: “You are about to share this article without opening it. Sharing articles without reading them can mean missing key facts. “

Technology release Suggested TechRadar this “[i]In its ongoing battle to tackle disinformation, Facebook has announced that it is testing a new feature that will alert users who try to share articles they haven’t actually read. The same article mentioned that the new warning deployment may not yet have been fully implemented: “It should be noted that while researching this article, we tried to post several unread articles on Facebook to attempt to display the prompt, but the articles were just published as usual, suggesting that the new feature has not yet been rolled out globally or has only rolled out to certain users. “

Facebook also owns Instagram, which has taken similar measures to prevent users from posting offensive content.

Instagram touted its new anti-bullying artificial intelligence program in a December 16, 2019 Blog about “the social media giant’s long-term commitment to leading the fight against online bullying.” Instagram claimed that the AI ​​program “notifies people when their captions in a photo or video may be considered offensive, and gives them a chance to pause and reconsider what they say before posting.”

Another Instagram Blog clarified that the platform’s warning program gives users “a chance to reflect and revoke their comment and prevents the recipient from receiving the harmful comment notification.” In early testing of this feature, we found that it encourages some people to cancel their comment and share something less hurtful once they’ve had a chance to think it over. “

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