Mom reunites with family in US three years after deportation

In a report published on the day Juarez returned home, Representative Darren Soto said his deportation to Mexico by the previous administration in August 2018 “Has deeply shaken our community in Central Florida, but we have never stopped fighting for its return. Now, under the Biden administration, she has been granted humanitarian parole and will have the opportunity to be present in Estela and Pamela’s life.

Saturday, the girls of Juarez gathered outside an Orlando airport to wait for their mother to arrive. They carried with them a handwritten sign saying, “President Biden and Kamala Harris rock!” In a video posted by immigration reform advocacy group, Estela, who is Juarez’s youngest, admitted she was “a little nervous” because the family had been separated for so long. . “Everything will return to normal, but also everything will change,” she said.


Now reunited, the family shared their experience in an interview with MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez, where Juarez called their multi-year separation “the most painful moment I’ve been through and will likely go through.” After that, nothing will be more difficult than that. They were joined in this interview by representative Soto, who insisted on the need for permanent help for the family. While the Biden administration may choose to renew Juarez’s one-year status, this is still temporary.

“[O]Our fight will not be over until Alejandra is granted permanent residence and all the separated families are reunited, ”Soto said in his statement last weekend. “During the remainder of the 117th Congress, we must pass HR 163, the Protect Patriot Spouses Act and other key bills to fix our immigration system and put families first.”

X said in a statement received by Daily Kos that nearly 6 million US citizens live with at least one undocumented family member, “which means millions of families across the country live with the constant threat of being separated like Alejandra’s unless Congress clears a citizenship path for the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States.

“[I]f Congress and the White House are not taking diligent action, my family is still at risk of being separated again, ”Juarez continued during his appearance on MSNBC. “I can’t do this to my kids. My body won’t take it… we need Congress to act now. In his first address in Congress last month, President Biden called on lawmakers to “end our exhausting immigration war. For over 30 years politicians have been talking about immigration reform and we have done nothing about it. It’s time to fix it.

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