Maxine Waters Charged with Abuse of Federal Air Marshals Privilege During Demonstration to Minneapolis

Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters is accused of abusing Federal Air Marshals privilege for her flight to Minneapolis, essentially creating her own VIP “concierge service”.

Waters so disagreed with his demands that the Federal Air Marshals were pulled from a “high-risk” flight to accompany him on his flight to the Minneapolis protest last month.

Maxine Waters was already traveling with two Secret Service agents and two armed police officers from the United States Capitol, but she also requested her own air marshals.

The “High Risk” flight took off without Federal Air Marshals on board “leaving a loophole in national security,” according to the complaint.

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“Congresswoman Maxine Waters has inappropriately used many government resources,” the complaint read. “The Federal Air Marshals were taken off a ‘high risk’ flight to cover Ms. Waters’ flight to Minnesota. The high-risk flight took off without armed law enforcement on board, leaving a breach in national security. “

Fox news reported:

“Air marshals can only be assigned to high-risk flights. This means that flights that have been judged by our approved process pose a safety risk, ”said Sonya Hightower LoBasco, Executive Director of the Air Marshal National Council. “When these processes are violated and exploited and just tossed aside now like they don’t matter, we are really looking to create a major problem for ourselves in the field. aviation. “

One such theft, according to a complaint to the House Ethics Committee, involved Representative Maxine Waters, D-Calif., Who flew from Washington, DC, to Minneapolis on April 17 to attend the trial of the former policeman Derek Chauvin. Waters was already accompanied by two armed Capitol Hill police officers and two U.S. Secret Service agents when she allegedly asked two air marshals and two other landing marshals to escort her to the airport.

“The air marshals for the Miss Waters trip were given high risk missions, they were removed from those missions and assigned to the Miss Waters mission in addition to her already armed police security service. from the Capitol, ”said Hightower. “It was not an official business trip. We still have no justification as to why government resources were used to transport Miss Waters to Minnesota. “

“Placing FAMs on a plane just because a member of Congress requests it is a flagrant misuse of government resources,” said David Londo, chairman of the Air Marshal’s National Council, in a complaint. to the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security on April 20. FAMs are now removing agents from regularly scheduled “high-risk” flights to put them on flights with members of Congress, who in most cases already have their own armed federal security details on board. It has become an extremely expensive type of janitorial service for members of Congress. “

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