Marlins ‘Jesus Aguilar literally tries to steal signs from D-backs’ Carson Kelly

Caught red-handed.

We know hitters can sometimes glance at catcher’s panels to try and get as much information as possible. It’s just baseball, after all. But Jesús Aguilar took it to the next level on Thursday.

With Diamondbacks wide receiver Carson Kelly hitting first base, Aguilar decided to take a spike at the receiver’s signs – lifting the cheat sheet off Kelly’s wrist.

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Kelly responds with disbelief, “What are you doing, man?”

Kelly’s disapproval of Aguilar taking a peek results in a hilarious reaction from Aguilar, looking like a child who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar before breakfast.

Aguilar is one of the funniest personalities in baseball, so there’s nothing for you to read here. But this is not the first time that Aguilar has tried to steal signs. About a month ago, Aguilar stole an index card straight from Dom Smith’s back pocket during a game against the Mets – presumably a defensive positioning card that players carry with them on the field.

The Marlins would win the game 5-1.

If Aguilar continues like this, maybe he could score a role in an “Ocean’s 11” reboot.

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