Journalist collapses after Jen Psaki catches him pushing GOP talking points

A reporter tried to push the Republican rhetoric that Biden and Harris weren’t visiting the border, and Jen Psaki grabbed him.


The exchange is priceless:

Q: What do you say to those who criticize the president and vice president who have not, to date, made an in-person visit to the southwest border?

Psaki: Who are they?

Q: A lot of people criticize the fact that they haven’t made a trip to the border yet?

Psaki: Like who?

Q: Those from the Republican Party.

Psaki: I don’t know who I’m answering.

The reporter finally admitted that his question was not based on people or even Republicans but on a press conference held by Senator Rick Scott.

Journalists get away with questions based on Republican talking points that they disguise as consensus among the American people. Jen Psaki will not let members of the media push Republican propaganda to create negativity and conflict.

If members of the White House press pool attempt to discuss partisan talking points as news, Jen Psaki will speak out and expose it.

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