Huh? CNN believes UK PM ‘echoes’ US GOP with voter identification

Oh oh. There is another right-wing Republican who tries to deprive minorities of their rights and attract “social conservatives”. He is the British Prime Minister of Great Britain. That’s the bizarre view of CNN anyway.

Queen Elizabeth announced the government’s priorities in an annual speech on Tuesday. According to the Queen, “legislation will be introduced to ensure the integrity of the elections.”

According to CNN, “the new legislation would require voters to present identification to vote at a polling station.” Of course, CNN senior producer Luke McGee, writes on, found damaging motives in all of this:

Why, then, are Johnson and his government doing this? A simple explanation could be that the UK government is performing for its main electoral base: the socially conservative voters in England.

In case you missed it, McGee pointed out that this must be racist:

More than two-thirds of the population of Tower Hamlet belong to ethnic minority groups. Of course, Rahman is the culprit here and the people of Tower Hamlets were the ones he defrauded, but that doesn’t necessarily stop people from falsely mistaking minority groups for election crime.

It doesn’t take a big leap to see that socially conservative English voters see a policy of fighting electoral fraud and see it as a policy to punish ethnic minority groups.

Johnson is the leader of the British Conservative (or Conservative) Party. But he’s hardly an American-style right winger.

The analysis turned into a full conference as the CNN producer worried, “The suppression of voters is a grim reality of the divisive politics that many Western democracies are currently experiencing. On Twitter, the journalist clearly expressed his dissatisfaction:

McGee concluded by attacking Tory Johnson for forcing the Queen to read such horrific words in his speech:

So, Johnson might have had to think twice before sending one of the most popular people on the planet to read a policy that was catnip to American politicians looking for new and creative ways to facilitate their path to victory in the future.

But we’ve seen it all before. CNN was appalled by Brexit. Anchor Christiane Amanpour suffered an epic collapse in June 2016 as she trashed the vote leave the European Union, calling it “xenophobia” and victory “of white identity”.

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