House Republicans take their pick: the big lie trumps the Constitution

House Republicans made it official on Friday: the old guy runs their world. Representative Liz Cheney, who voted with Trump on politics almost 100% of the time, is by leadership. Representative Elise Stefanik, who voted with him less than 70% of the time, was crowned homecoming queen GOP conference chair.

Cheney’s problem with his fellow Republicans has never been a political problem. Republicans don’t do that anymore. It’s all about the big lie, and Cheney doesn’t want to forgive and forget after Trump sent his violent mob to Congress on Jan.6 to overturn the election results. God help us all, Liz Cheney has proven she has too many principles for the 2021 GOP. Liz Cheney, offspring of Dick. The people-shooter in the face, the lie-us-in-the-war, Dick who likes to torture. Because she hit the lowest bar of integrity by acknowledging the election results and voting to impeach Trump for instigating a violent insurgency to overthrow Congress.

It is a question of ambition, of course. Cheney, primarily during the House Republican vote, was appearing at New Hampshire today. (Yeah, New Hampshire.) Cheney now has a huge media megaphone and she’s going to use it to try to be the Republican who rises from the ashes of Trump and becomes the next GOP chairman. Of course she is.

Minority Parliamentary Leader Kevin McCarthy has ambitions, too much. He wants to become a speaker and thinks that path goes through Trump. And he will do anything. What we already knew. Remember,“There are … there are two people, I think, Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump … swear to God”? Yeah, that was McCarthy in June 2016. McCarthy from 2021 was among the seditionists voting to overturn the election results and went to Florida to kiss the ring.

Then there is Stefanik. This one is quite a job. Check out her evolution from Never Trumper to Trump’s cheerleader.

Allow us to introduce you to the new Speaker of the Republican House Conference:

– The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) May 14, 2021

True to his new form, whatever it is, Stefanik obedience paid to the designer after her victory: “I also want to thank President Trump for his support. He is a vital part of our Republican team.” Uh huh. Lord only knows what she’s planning for a career path, but it won’t be pretty.

Here’s something she might want to keep in mind, however, about the inconstancy of fate in today’s GOP.

Ironically, who previously held the No.3 position in the House, and is Trump now repeatedly blamed by Trump for not launching the election results so Trump can still stay in power? Mike Pence.

– Steven Dennis (@StevenTDennis) May 14, 2021

It would be hilarious to watch this massive dismantling of the GOP if it wasn’t so dangerous for the country.

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