Here’s how to KoЯnify your website

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KoЯn’s golden age came to an end around the time everyone suddenly realized they needed a website. But history is cyclical, and KoЯn is cool again while the website is dead. After a decade of people learning HTML or gobbling up an oversized web page touting their personal or business history, most people can get by with LinkedIn and Insta these days.

But the corpse of the personal website lives in the automated hosting costs that many people have overlooked. Maybe you are one of those people. Maybe you see the annual accommodation fees going down every year and you think you’ll do something with this outdated destination someday. Well I have a suggestion for you.

Developer David Hallberg Jönsson recently uploaded a little script that will KoЯnify your website for you. That is, each instance of the letter R will automatically change to an inverted letter R because, in Jönsson’s summation, “Я is always cooler than R!”

Here are Jönsson’s instructions for making your website cool:

To add the KoЯnify script to your website, include this script tag in your HTML:

Then you can KoЯnify at will with the following Javascript code:

cornify ();

For example, to add a KoЯnify button, you can do:

There you go, guys. We are at the dawn of the weekend, and weekends are for finishing stupid projects. Go ahead and KoЯnify the Web.

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