Florida Republicans Respond to Democrats’ Bullying Against FCC, Miami AM Radio Station

Republicans in Congress have responded to Democrats’ brazen attempt to hijack the communications clearance process in order to impose partisan censorship on a Miami AM radio station.

In a common letter FCC Acting President Jessica Rosenworcel, U.S. Representative Mario Díaz-Balart, Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Rick Scott criticized the move by members of the Hispanic Congressional caucus to seek censorship from the perspective of a Spanish-language AM radio station from Miami for meddling in its licensing process as “laughable”:

We are concerned about these attempts to enforce the independence of the FCC and to politicize its decisions by encouraging content-based censorship. Preventing the licensing of radio stations based on their scheduled programming would set a dangerous precedent and likely violate First Amendment protections for free speech and free and independent media. Instead, when considering the nomination, we respectfully ask that you reject any politicization of the FCC and initiate the nomination on its merits alone.

Furthermore, given the overwhelming prevalence of left-wing prejudices in print, cable and broadcasting, it is laughable that leftists have found reasons to oppose the sale of a radio station in south florida. It is also telling that just because the buyer is supposed to have an anti-castro, anti-communist and anti-socialist point of view, he was deemed “too conservative”. If the FCC started to base its decisions on content, the Conservatives would certainly have a lot of left-wing media that they could also send back to the FCC for censorship based on the lack of balance in the media market and excessive liberal content. As the FCC’s Public and Broadcasting manual states:

Broadcasters – not the FCC or any other government agency – are responsible for the selection of the material they broadcast. The First Amendment and the Communications Act expressly prohibit the Commission from censoring broadcasts. Our role in overseeing program content is very limited.

As we noted previously:

Past and present members of the far-left Hispanic congressional caucus are now seeking to pull all the powers of the federal government together to stop a conservative ownership group from taking over an AM radio station in Miami, Florida.

In short, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (a body largely made up of people who couldn’t get themselves elected as dogcatcher in Miami-Dade County, including, namely, a literal Castro brother) is using a labor dispute. as a cover to try to keep ideological opponents off the airwaves.

This effort to crack down on Hispanic conservatives is by no means a new initiative, but began in earnest in the 2020 election and has continued ever since. As the anti-Communist message of the Trump campaign took hold, the left began to shout “disinformation.” Latinxtroturf organizations and the defeated Democrats (like former congressman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, who asked her former colleagues at CHC to intervene in licensing Radio Caracol) have joined forces to try to pressure Miami resorts to silence conservative voices.

A successful implementation of this plan, a grotesque abuse of power, would set an extremely dangerous precedent and allow easy implementation of censorship of views against media with the dissenting editorial line. Today it is a Spanish language AM radio station in Miami. Tomorrow it could be Sean Hannity’s affiliates or the cable operators broadcasting Fox News.

We congratulate Representative Mario Díaz-Balart, Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Rick Scott for recognizing this blatant abuse of power for what it is and for speaking out forcefully against it. We encourage other leaders to step up and do the same as this story continues to develop.

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