Facts About The Grasshopper To Know As Brood X Comes In 2021 After 17 Years


Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP (Getty Images)

Although they are prickly-looking insects, cicadas do no harm to humans. In other words, as long as you are a heavy sleeper.

To woo mates, male cicadas create a ruckus. The sound of cicadas can be almost unbearable, even with earplugs. The chorus from another world is not a cicada cry. Rather, it is the result of vibrations. Authorize the Chicago botanical garden explain:

“Male cicadas call females to mate by vibrating their tymbals, which are two rigid, drum-shaped membranes on the underside of the abdomen. Different species of cicadas produce different songs. Males respond to calls from other males, creating a chorus of “singing” cicadas that can be deafening. Females do not have tymbals and are unable to produce the same sounds. “

The cicadas, they look more like us than we thought.

After mating, females can lay up to 400 eggs. These eggs hatch and the larvae fall to the ground where they burrow for 17 years before reappearing. Adults, on the other hand, die. Poetic.

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