Eric Swalwell just stood in front of the madman and arrested bullying worker Marjorie Taylor Greene

A member of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s staff attempted to intimidate Rep. Eric Swalwell for wearing a mask, so he put himself in the staff member’s face and told him to leave.

Scott Wong tweeted the details:

Representative Swalwell confirmed the story:

The altercation came on the heels of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, warning that Taylor Greene is deeply ill and needs help.

The national terrorist cell disguised as congressional personnel must not only be put in their place, but also removed from the House. It takes a serious right and an illusion for a spokesperson to shout orders at a member of Congress.

Taylor Greene’s staff clearly picked the wrong person to try and intimidate.

Eric Swalwell is not going to take their taunts, and if House Democrats had the votes, Taylor Greene would already be back in Georgia as an expelled member of Congress.

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