‘End of an era’: Lemon abruptly announces ‘changes are coming’ to ‘CNN tonight’

In a rather muted Friday night ad, CNN’s Don Lemon appeared to announce the end of CNN tonight with him at the helm and promised to share more in the days to come. But the encrypted message has left many scratching their heads and some wondering if he was completely absent from CNN, moving on to a new project with the network, and who will host next Monday?

“I appreciate all the years of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. But changes are coming. And I’ll fill you in, ”Lemon said, apparently logging out for the last time.

Lemon’s mysterious comments began with a video tweet before his show airs. “Tonight I have an announcement about the show. Yeah, the end of an era, ”he told fans as he traced on a treadmill under his desk.

Things got more confusing during the transfer with Prime Time host Chris Cuomo as he avoided his friend’s light questions, suggesting that Cuomo would be involved in the change:

LEMON: But listen, I have something I’m going to say at the end of the show and I want everyone to listen. I think it’s really important and I hope everyone is ok with it. And that’s all I’m going to say.

CUOMO: So tonight will you see something at the end of the show?

LEMON: At the end of the show. And there will be more to come, I’ll tell you over the weekend.

CUOMO: And is there more to come this weekend?

LEMON: But this concerns both of us. This concerns you, but we’ll see.

CUOM: And that’s not bad news?

LEMON: I’m not – well – I mean, come on.

And as promised, Lemon ended the show by apparently announcing that he was stepping down as host of CNN tonight to someone else. “It has been really, really great. This is the last night we will be CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. So I appreciate all the years of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. But changes are coming. And I’ll give you some information, ”he said soberly.

He then went on to brag about how “very proud” he was of the Marvin Gaye special he worked on, which aired right after his show and took its second normal hour.

Lemon’s puzzling announcement left many people stunned and searching for information. So much so that Lemon had to extinguish another video tweet to say he was not leaving CNN.

“So I went back to my office after the show. Everyone calm down. I didn’t say I was leaving CNN. I just said it was the end of an era for CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. I’m not leaving CNN. So you will have to tune in Monday at 10 am to see. That’s it. So relax. I’m not leaving, ”he said, laughing. “I do not go!”

If it turns out that Lemon was leaving CNN tonight, it would certainly be the end of an era of raging diatribes and bait to the run. You can view previous NewsBusters reports at CNN tonight hereand Don Lemon here. And NewsBusters will be keeping an eye on what happens with the timeslot and with Lemon going forward.

[H/T to Fox News’s Joseph Wulfsohn]

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