Eric Swalwell asks Kevin McCarthy to meet cop injured in attack on Capitol Hill

Representative Eric Swalwell requests that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy meet with Officer Michael Fanone who was in the attack on Capitol Hill.

In a letter provided to PoliticusUSA, Swalwell wrote to McCarthy:

Dear Leader McCarthy:

National Police Week is an opportunity to reflect on the tireless work of police officers to keep us safe. This morning, you said that “it has been a difficult year” for the police and that you “wanted to be with” the police during this week of recognition.[1] With that in mind, we respectfully ask that you, during National Police Week, meet with Washington Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone, who was seriously injured on January 6, 2021 while defending the United States Capitol against a violent and armed crowd. Agent Fanone made several requests to your office which again resulted in a meeting.

Officer Fanone is a seasoned police officer who has dedicated his life to the protection and service of the public. He has served nearly twenty years and currently fights violent and narcotics crime with the First District Crime Law Enforcement Team. On January 6, Officer Fanone responded to calls for reinforcement at the US Capitol, where police were overwhelmed by violent protesters trying to enter the building. Inside the Capitol, Congress met to certify Americans’ votes in the 2020 election. Upon arrival, Police Officer Fanone observed police using their bodies as barricades to hold back crowds. Officer Fanone stepped in to help his fellow officers, who were beaten, bloodied, injured and outnumbered. Within moments, Agent Fanone has become both a hero and a victim.

While protecting members of Congress, our staff and everyone who works on Capitol Hill, Officer Fanone was brutally attacked by the mob. He was grabbed by the head, dragged down a staircase and hit in the neck until he suffered a heart attack. The crowd tried to get Officer Fanone’s weapon, and Officer Fanone recalled that at least one violent protester shouted, “Kill him with his own pistol.[2] Body camera footage released yesterday shows Agent Fanone lying on the ground pleading, “I have children,” as the crowd continued to brutalize him.[3]

Officer Fanone and the other police officers who put their lives in danger to protect the Capitol from the violent crowd on January 6 deserve our gratitude. Many of them suffered physical and mental injuries that may never go away. On May 5, Agent Fanone wrote to each member of Congress, describing the trauma he suffered on January 6 and expressing his disappointment that some elected officials were indifferent to the experiences of the police that day.

On May 9, at the start of National Police Week, you said you would “commemorate the week by sharing stories of officers and their families.”[4] For weeks, Agent Fanone has been asking to speak to you. During National Police Week, he called your office again to request a meeting and was hung up. Agent Fanone was unable to speak to you or schedule a meeting.

The story of Officer Fanone and the experiences of the police officers who were attacked on the Capitol on January 6 deserve to be remembered. As you said, “Law enforcement is our essential line of defense to protect civil society.[,] and they deserve the support of Congress. During National Police Week, we respectfully request that you honor and support Constable Fanone’s request to meet with you regarding the on-the-ground experiences of the police officers, injuries and continuing suffering associated with their defense. from the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Fanone was seriously injured in the attack on the Capitol, but when he called McCarthy’s office to set up a meeting with the Minority Leader to share his experience of January 6, 2021, he was hung up.

McCarthy’s staff deny hanging up on the heroic officer, but to date there has still been no meeting scheduled.

Kevin McCarthy has clearly defined his priorities. He continues to kiss the ring of the former president who paid for the rally he used to incite the attack and maintain Marjorie Taylor Greene and other House Republicans suspected of working with or aiding terrorists in her caucus.

McCarthy has refused to meet an injured cop as he pampers and allows National Terrorists to be part of his own caucus.

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