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Is 5G the cause of coronavirus and other diseases like cancer? 5G, or fifth generation, is the latest wireless mobile phone technology, which is currently only available in a few countries, and in India, 5G testing will begin soon. However, there are already rumors that the 5G trial in India is the reason for the second wave of COVID-19. So let’s find out the details and know the truth behind the 5G trial and its connection to Corona in India.

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Truth about 5G trials in India

Some reports indicate that 5G trials triggered Covid-19 in India. People are receiving texts and audio messages on social media claiming that 5G can cause health problems and that it is also the source of the spread of COVID-19. So how is this true? Let’s find out!

Which countries have 5G?

First of all, we all need to know that 5G is not yet available in India and its trials have not started in any city in India. California-based network testing company Viavi Solutions released a report in February last year claiming 5G was partially available in 378 cities in 34 countries and India was not one of them. The list of these countries includes UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Australia, China, and South Korea.

The Indian government’s DoT announced that 5G trials have been approved in India. Telecommunications companies will soon be given 5G spectrum for testing. This means Indian telecom operators such as Jio, Airtel and Vi may soon start 5G trials in India.

It should also be noted that Bharti Airtel has already successfully tested 5G on its commercial network in Hyderabad in January of this year. The company also claims that its network is 5G ready and that its upgrade must be approved by the government. So, as of now, there is no 5G mobile network available in India.

Rumors suppressed by the government

You may have heard somewhere online that this second wave of Covid-19 is due to 5G testing in India. A post that has gone viral on social media claims that the radiation released by the 5G trial led to the outbreak of the second wave of COVID-19 in India.

The Press Information Office, Government of India broke down this fake news and said it is not true and these rumors are absolutely false. GDP urges people not to share this misinformation. According to COAI, several countries around the world have already deployed 5G networks and are using them safely. Even the WHO clarified that there was no link between 5G and COVID-19.

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How can 5G affect humans?

First of all, you should know that mobile towers emit low frequency waves which are also called non-ionizing radio frequencies and these have longer wavelengths so they do not have enough energy to damage directly the cells. These waves have very minimal power and are incapable of causing damage to living cells, including humans.

As for 5G, it offers approx. 20 times faster than the previous generation, which also means it will use high frequency radio waves. However, the DoT has prescribed standards for exposure limits for emissions from 5G radio frequency base stations, and these are still 10 times safer than the limits prescribed by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. (ICNIRP).

It’s ionizing radiation you should be concerned about. It is dangerous because it can even break chemical bonds and enter cells and therefore be harmful to health. This type of radiation is emitted in X-rays, gamma rays, etc.

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What does the WHO think?

According to the WHO, no adverse health effects have been associated with exposure to these wireless technologies at this time. WHO came to these conclusions after extensive research and studies carried out across the entire radio spectrum.

However, only a few studies have been conducted at 5G frequencies. Yet the WHO says that no virus can travel on radio waves. So 5G is not the reason for the spread of COVID-19.

Since 5G technology is currently at an early stage of deployment, the extent of any change in RF field exposure is still under investigation.“, says who.

He further stated that the heating of the tissues is the main effect on the human body after the interaction of radio waves. Thus, exposure to radiation from current technologies can cause a tiny increase in temperature in the human body. If the overall exposure remains lower than the international recommendations, no consequences on health are expected.

The distance to the mobile tower always matters!

Besides the above clarifications, there are still some things you should know about mobile tower radiation. The first and most important thing is that you shouldn’t be there near the mobile tower for a long time.

According to DoT guidelines, if a mobile tower has 1 antenna, it should be located at a minimum distance of 20 meters from houses. If it has 2 antennas, the minimum distance must be 35 meters, for 4 antennas it must be at least 45 meters and for 6 antennas it must be at least 55 meters.

In addition, these towers emit oscillations parallel to the antennas, the guidelines also state that there should be no buildings parallel to the tower antenna. In addition, the height of the antenna should be at least 5 meters above the ground or roof.

To come to the conclusion, these claims linking 5G to COVID-19 are absolutely false. Also, as we mentioned above, 5G trials have yet to start anywhere in India yet, so this claim is really without merit.

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Whenever a new technology comes along, it also brings rumors. We suggest our readers not to fall for such misinformation and to keep abreast of authentic sources only. Stay tuned with us for more articles like this!

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