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Want to add files to email to Gmail, but hate the process of attaching those files every time after searching your download list? Or you don’t want to download an attachment every time you want to forward it to someone and don’t even want to forward the mail as well. Don’t worry, there are several ways to do all of this without too much hassle. Here I walk you through these quick ways to copy and paste files and attachments in Gmail.

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Ways to copy pasted files and attachments in Gmail

Here are some ways to copy and paste files and attachments into your Gmail without downloading them.

1. By pasting in Google Chrome

In the latest version of Chrome, you can attach files in Gmail by simply copying the file from your PC and pasting it into the email window. Chrome has an experimental flag called “Clipboard Filenames” which allows you to do this. Since this feature is experimental, it may have issues that will be fixed in future updates. To use this:

1. First, update Chrome to make sure you have the latest version and then open it.

2. In the Chrome address bar, type “chrome: // flags /” and press Enter.

3. The “Experiments” tab will open and in the search box enter “Clipboard Filenames”.

4. Now click on the drop-down menu next to “Clipboard File Names” and select “Enabled” and click “Relaunch” at the bottom of the window.

5. Chrome will restart and now open your Gmail and click “Compose” to compose a new email.

6. Next, find the file on your PC that you want to add as an attachment to your email, right click on it and select “Copy”.

7. Now go back to the “New Message” window in Gmail, right-click in the body of your email and select “Paste”. You can also press Ctrl + V or Command + V to paste the file.

That’s it! You will see the attached file at the bottom of the window. If you paste an image like this, it will be displayed in the email and will not be sent as an attachment. You can attach as many files as you want using this method.

This experimental feature of Chrome is supposed to work on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and also Android. We tested it on our Mac and it worked great.

2. Drag and drop the file into the email window

When you use Google Chrome to check your emails in Gmail, you can also use this method to add attachments. However, for this you need to download the attachment file to your PC first. Here’s how to do it on your Gmail:

1. Open Gmail and navigate to that email containing said attachment.

2. Now click on the attached file to download it.

3. It will appear in the bottom bar of your Chrome browser.

4. Now click on “Compose” to compose a new email and enter the recipient’s address.

5. In this email window, drag the downloaded file from the bottom bar, and it will automatically be added as an attachment.

That’s it. You can add as many files as you want using this trick and you won’t need to forward an email to another person to send this attachment.

It was the way to copy and paste files and attachments into an email on Gmail. For more tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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