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Google Photos is considered to be the best photo storage platform for Android and iPhone users. As it offers easy backup and sharing options because anyone in the album can invite other people, as well as anyone with a link can join the album. But as we say, with great power also comes great problems and responsibilities. This easy solution to backing up and sharing memories on Google Photos can become a bit of a problem when someone is able to access your stored memories without your permission. We also have a solution for this, read on on how to prevent someone from accessing your Google Photos.

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3 ways to prevent someone from accessing a shared album on Google Photos

There are several ways to prevent someone from specifically accessing your memories stored in a Google Photos album. We have discussed the detailed steps of each of them.

1. Remove someone from the Google Photos album

One of the easiest ways to prevent someone from accessing your photos in a Google Photos album is to delete them from the album.

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2. Block someone from Google Photos album

While removing someone from the Google Photos album is an easy way, that person can join the album again if someone invites them again or if they have the link to the album. In order to prevent that person from joining over and over again, you can block them.

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3. Disable the Google Photos album link

If you don’t want to remove or block someone from the Google Photos album, but still want to prevent them from accessing your photos or memories, you can simply turn off the link to join the album. so that only a limited number of people can access the album and more members cannot join through the link.

  • Access the same participant list for the album
  • Click the link share buttonStop accessing Google Photos
  • Press the Remove link buttonStop accessing Google Photos

Bonus: delete the album and only share it with the people you need

The last option is to delete the Google Photos album completely. This will remove all photos and videos in the album so that no one can access them, but don’t worry, your photos and videos will still be available in your Google Photos app account. You can create an album of it again and share it only with certain people. To delete the album, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the album you want to delete
  • Tap three dots (top right)Stop accessing Google Photos
  • Click on Delete album.Stop accessing Google Photos

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When you delete, block someone, turn off the link, or even delete the album, it’s possible that the other person has already saved photos and videos to their phone or Google account. If they’ve already saved them, there’s nothing you can do about it. But they can’t access anything else they haven’t saved from the album.

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