Five years is a long time. In the now relatively calm days of 2016, we could go out, cough without fear of death, and had no idea what TikTok was. It was also when a new brand of watches named after CODE41 burst onto the Swiss watchmaking scene, with their disruptive and transparent approach to watchmaking.

At the time, their first watch was a strange singularity in the watchmaking world; a weird, quirky approach paired with an eye-catching design like nothing else. Hence the name ANOMALY.

While everything else seems to have gotten worse over the years, one thing hasn’t: the ANOMALY is back with new life with its new EVOLUTION.

Constant improvement

the EVOLUTION OF THE ANOMALY is, in simple terms, the best features of previous editions of the watch brought together in one piece. From the ANOMALY-01, it takes the multi-layered cut-out dial revealing a textured finish underneath, as well as a larger, full-dial version of the date indicator on the watch wheel, with red highlights. .

On the other hand, it abandoned the more technical open elements of the movement, a fundamental characteristic of the 1, in favor of the more streamlined style of the ANOMALY 2. Otherwise, it still has the faceted crown and short lugs of the previous one. editions, as well as the same sturdy cushion cover, albeit in a shiny new size option.

Sized to perfection

41.5mm isn’t a huge watch, but it’s big enough to put some users off. Especially now that retro is all the rage, sizes are decreasing across the field. Take a look at the latest Rolex Explorer 36mm. CODE41 wasn’t that extreme – it wouldn’t fit the watch at all – but allowed a nod to slimmer wrists with a new 38mm version of the ANOMALY.

It’s all in the details and the movement

There are other changes you won’t really notice between versions, but it’s good to know they’re there. 100m water resistance, improved lume on the dial and reinforced crown make it a bit more durable; 1.5mm thickness reduction makes it more comfortable on the wrist and EVOLUTION OF THE ANOMALY is equipped with a new shiny movement in addition.

This movement is a marked improvement over previous models, moving from the standard Sellita SW200-1, a mainstay of micro-brands all over the world, in favor of the Elaborate version. The new movement is better in every way, increasing precision, reliability and shock absorption.

Pricing and availability

Despite all these improvements, the ANOMALY EVOLUTION still arrives with an almost impossible price tag of £ 785 for the Early Bird Creator Edition. It is a very good price. If you want to know why, check out CODE41’s breakdown of their casts. When they talk about transparency, they mean it.

The ANOMALY EVOLUTION is available in several different colors, with blue, black or anthracite PVD, raw silver steel and old white green, red or plain reflections. There are just as many options for bracelets and bangles.

Sure, many of us have been pretty stagnant over the past year or so, but CODE41 not only survived these tough times, it thrived, and ANOMALY’S EVOLUTION is proof of how far we’ve come. The only question is where will the revolutionary brand go.

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