MoveOn statement on Derek Chauvin’s verdict

Rahna Epting, Executive Director of MoveOn, released the following statement on Derek Chauvin’s verdict:

“Today we express a collective sigh of relief. Derek Chauvin’s verdict is a welcome measure of accountability. Yet the truth is that Chauvin convicted of killing George Floyd is, unfortunately, the exception in this country, not the rule.

“To truly do justice, we need to fundamentally transform public safety. We need to reinvent a society that truly protects, cares for each other and treats each other with dignity and respect. And we must certainly ensure that no police officer is ever again empowered to brutally inflict harm on anyone and brutally commit suicide.

It is high time to give up violent policing and reinvest in our communities. Now we call on our political leaders at all levels of government to take bold action and pass laws to that effect. ”

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