Dillian Whyte takes revenge on Alexander Povetkin with violent fourth round TKO

Dilian Whyte got his revenge against Alexander Povetkin with a dominant performance and a TKO victory in the fourth round to reclaim the interim WBC heavyweight title.

It was a second leg after Povetkin produced a superb comeback and knockout of the year last August. This time Whyte was not just fighting for redemption, but perhaps his entire boxing career.

And that’s exactly what he said with his back to the wall.

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Much like the first fight, Whyte appeared to be in control behind a jab that couldn’t miss and a right hand. But it was a relatively sloppy deal at first, as the two were loading bombs from the opening bell. Povetkin never really seemed to have his legs under him as he staggered around the ring every time Whyte connected with a powerful shot.

A short right hand in the third round rocked Povetkin and was the best punch in the bout at this point. Povetkin took it well but it was obvious Whyte had found a formula to take down the Russian. Rather than rushing like he did last August, Whyte pulled himself together and looked for the perfect opportunity to land his big shots.

The opportunity came on the next round when an overhand right from Whyte landed low to the ground and gave injured Povetkin a chase. A trademark left hook sealed the deal as Povetkin sank onto the canvas with his back against the ropes. He would manage to get up but his corner saved their fighter from further punishment by throwing in the towel at 2:39.

With the win, Whyte is now next in line for the winner of the undisputed title showdown between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. However, given that Joshua and Fury are stranded for two fights, Whyte may have to fight again while waiting for the winner.

“It’s time to put me in an easy fight and make some money,” Whyte joked afterward. Knowing that there is a blockage in the division as everyone waits for Joshua-Fury’s outcome, Whyte said he’s ready to have a rubber game with Povetkin.

“I’m ready to do it again if he wants to,” he said. “The first one I shouldn’t have lost and I’m still bored of it. We can do it again.”

There is also another fight that lingers and that is a potential showdown with former WBC champion Deontay Wilder.

“We’ve been calling Deontay’s fight for a long, long time,” said Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn. “He did a DM to Wilder and said he would never, ever fight him. But now that he’s been knocked out and it’s a stadium fight.”

While his next opponent is uncertain, one thing is certain: Dillian Whyte is back.

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