Trump is blamed for 400,000 US deaths from COVID-19; no “ crisis ” at the border

April 2020

In not quite today’s news, a much-anticipated White House press conference once again proved to be an exercise in media narcissism on the merits. In today’s news, however, there was a lot going on. Here are some of what you might have missed:

Experts estimate Trump’s handling of COVID-19 pandemic has claimed 400,000 U.S. lives

Biden’s transition team warned of urgent need to increase space for unaccompanied children, report says

New research finds ‘no crisis or surge’ following Biden’s immigration policies

Georgia GOP ‘hijacked’ two-page bill to squeeze through nearly 100-page voting restrictions

Dr. Rachel Levine makes history and pledges to support and advocate for transgender youth

From the community:

Tucker Carlson goes insurgent in his own right: encourages use of AR-15s against government

Why We Need Student Loan Debt Relief: One Man’s Story About Deception, Fraud & The Consequences

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