Depression and anxiety continue to rise in the United States due to the COVID-19 pandemic: Health

BREAKING NEWS: Government is telling people to stay indoors, avoid sunlight, get absorbed by screens, don’t touch / smell / look at anyone, don’t go within 6 feet of someone, don’t move your body, don’t go to work, lose sense of security, lose sense of community, become depressed as a result, eat excessively toxic foods, use drugs to suppress this anxiety, And so on.

“CDC: Depression and Anxiety Continue to Rise in United States Due to COVID-19 Pandemic”

Yeah, it’s that virus fault. Not the years and years of making our country sick with greedy policies that benefit the rich, especially those in the conventional food industry, big pharma, big tech, etc.

It’s not the governments’ fault either …

The sickest country in the world has the highest death rate and we blame it on mask failure.

Where is the talk about suicide? Where do we talk about drug use? Where is the discourse on the increase in human trafficking? Roaming? Worsening health? What about how every disease in the United States has grown exponentially over the past two decades, while spending more money on health care and calling it health care?

Yet we are making $ 4 trillion (30% of printed circulation dollars printed in 2020 alone) appear out of the blue …

But no no no, we could never have used this over the past 3 decades to take care of the well-being of human beings rather than treating their life and attention as commodities.

“Be aware of what you are saying, be aware of what you are doing, be aware of what you are thinking, be aware of how you are acting. Know where you come from, what are your motivations. The unconscious life is not worth living. Unconscious life is mechanical life. It’s not human, it’s programmed, conditioned. – Anthony de Mello

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