Trump supporter feels entitled to spit racial slurs at cashier who tells her she must wear a mask

Denaro was not wearing a mask, so the black cashier politely asked him to put one on to receive the service. One of the security guards at the bakery standing next door told the cashier that it was up to him to decide whether to serve her. Probably because he was concerned about breaking bakery rules for serving customers without a mask, he indicated he was unwilling to serve her.

The security guard then informed the woman that she should leave.

She responded by asking “Why? Because he’s a nigga bitch, is that why?

Denaro then sang of joy when the hall erupted in disgust.

Racists abound in New York State; yet another “Karen” incident at a small bakery is hardly relevant. What is unique about this particular confrontation is that this woman shows a particular degree of entitlement to disparage others with racial insult. In fact, she says it during the incident, when she mockingly laughs at the disapproval expressed by other customers, dancing and singing “I just said it, you heard it!”

As indicated by HuffPost same incident report:

As passers-by moaned in indignation and the security guard repeatedly asked the woman to leave, she overtook.

“That’s what he is,” she said. “I can call it whatever I want.”

The Daily News contacted Denaro by phone after the incident.

When asked if she was concerned the video would go viral, she said, “It’s really great because they make people in New York City wear masks. It is political theater. I don’t believe in COVID-19. It is a hoax to convince people to use postal ballots to steal the election from Donald Trump.

She also apologized for her use of the racial insult, claiming that her children were fathered by black men and that she had heard them use that term “my whole life”. Several photographs of Denaro on social networks to confirm her as a staunch supporter of Trump.

If Donald Trump left a “legacy” to this country, the attitude of this woman captures it completely and effectively. He has encouraged many of his supporters to wear their racism proudly on their sleeve, regardless of how their verbal abuse is received, or how it affects those to whom it is directed.

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