Tips and Lessons Learned from Running FB Ad Creatives and Copies

When we run social media boosters for paid content, we always ask our clients what their target audience is, as the boost will then be personalized to attract those audiences.

But do our customers know what attracts their audience?

What is the best characteristic image that will grab their attention?
What’s the best headline that will convince them to click and give them value?
What words in the caption reflect the attitude with which they would vibrate?

We used real campaigns as examples for the quiz below to see if you can guess which ad worked the best.

1. Regional differences

The two images below were used for a part on double diamond certification, and the ads ran in both Singapore and Malaysia. If either of these two images were shown to you in an ad, which one would you find more appealing?


So that’s a bit of a trick question, as Image 1 actually performed better in Singapore (over 80% of clicks), while Malaysians largely preferred Image 2 (70% of clicks).

In fact, the more formal image of the jewelry store only accounted for 3% of Malaysian ad clicks, while the proposition performed best in Singapore, reporting 12% of clicks to our website.

observationns: The top performing headline for both ads was actually the same, meaning the difference in performance is most likely due to regional image preferences.

2. Sufficiency of the subject

We pointed out Bayu Harvest, the winners of the 2019 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) App Challenge in Chile. These are 2 of the titles with which the piece has been boosted.

1) This M’sian app won 1st place in international competition 2019, now it helps rural farmers

2) The duo created a low-data app that gives rural farmers in M’sian more price control


And if you chose Headline 1, you resonate with almost 100% of people who saw the ads.

Observations: The mention of the winners helped to generate interest and also contained a charitable element. Although the second title is more detailed on the help of the app, perhaps it was too specialized a topic to attract a wider audience.

3. Fashionable references

We are increasing the stake here with not 2 but a total of 4 images, of a piece written on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G performance, using his playing skills as an entry point.


If you couldn’t choose between images 1 and 3, well done! They were actually both very favorite over Image 2 or 4, which showed screenshots from popular Genshin Impact and Among Us games.

Observations: Using screenshots from the game could have led to the assumption that the play was a review of games, not phones. However, a legend with one of the games mentioned became the top performing ad in this campaign.

4. Choice of words

The launch of Vettons meant we had to present a new ecommerce app to our audience. For this campaign, we’ve released 8 different titles, but we’ll make it easy for you and show you only 4.

1) Gand rewards up to RM 77K for this new M’sian shopping app when it launches in 7.7

2) There is another new online shopping app in town, here are 5 reasons to download it

3) 5 things to know about a new shopping app that’s here to challenge the big boys

4) 5 things to know about a new ecommerce app that’s here to challenge the big boys


You may have noticed that headings 3 and 4 are very similar with just one word change, but sometimes 1 word can make all the difference.

The top performing headline was actually Heading 4 (34% of total link clicks), followed by Heading 2 (29%). Title 3 comes next with 11%, followed closely by Title 1 (9%). For more context, Title 1 actually had a limited runtime, as the stimulation period started before the app was launched and continued sometime after. We have turned off all advertisements mentioning the launch event and prices on launch day.

Observations: Speaking of timeline, Headline 3 was the original title the article was published with, and we only created the ad for Headline 4 by swapping the words “e-commerce” after noticing some other ads with better performance. In the end, Title 4 passed Title 3 by a mile.

5. Overused concepts

Microsoft sought to educate readers about their cloud productivity solution, highlighting its characteristics and capabilities. We ran the ads with these 4 images.


We were a little surprised at the results of this one ourselves, with Image 4 attracting over 70% of the clicks in this campaign. This image has always worked well for very different audience interests and headline combinations.

A very distant second place went to Frame 2, accounting for 15% of clicks, followed by Frame 3, bringing in an additional 13%.

Observations: While the top performing image looked straightforward, it also highlighted some of the more unique features of the product, which we believe helped draw attention to the click. Image 1 had the poorest performance probably because it is a very common and predictable image style (top-to-bottom view of the desktop) that looks too much like a polished stock image.

6. Sass & Specialties

When BigPay launched their remittance function and we wanted us to write about it, we had one person who had both a BigPay card and a Singaporean bank account, coupled with an insatiable curiosity to try new technology.

Of course, we asked him to try the feature and think about it.

1) Let me convince you to forget about expensive bank charges when sending money abroad

2) I used M’sian e-wallet to transfer money to my SG bank account. It only costs RM5.

3) BigPay says they accept international money transfers, let’s just see about this


We can clearly see the appeal of Title 2, which deliberately included a very attractive part of the service: the cost RM5.

Readers agreed, taking Title 2 as the top pick, but the Title 3 sass also managed to pull in with a few hundred clicks.

Observations: A simple, easy-to-read headline works wonders when a product’s USP is strong enough to grab attention on its own.

BONUS: legends matter

Shopee runs a global leadership program each year to attract young talent and expose them to the e-commerce industry through on-the-job training and education.

In this case, Post 1 was clearly the winner, attracting over 72% of total clicks. Item 2 arrived with around 18%. The title and caption were both more personalized, with a clear indication of the target audience and benefits.

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