Noxious Trump wannabes lining up to race GOP primaries could cost Republicans dear, too

As The Washington post points out“Eric Greitens”resigned as governor of Missouri in disgrace, facing criminal charges and allegations that an extramarital affair had turned violent.

Alabama congressman Mo Brooks was essentially the man of the hype at Donald Trump’s so-called “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6, which preceded the murderous looting of the U.S. Capitol by an enraged crowd.

And Twitter has temporarily suspended the account of former Ohio state treasurer Josh Mandel after targeting immigrants and migrant children with slurs such as “Muslim terrorists” and “Mexican gangbangers.”

Courtesy of Donald Trump, all three right-wingers are running for the open seat in their state’s Senate and have a very good chance of winning the GOP primary and potentially the general election.

The Greens put “defending Trump’s America first” policy at the center of his run-up announcement. Representative Brooks broke the news by standing alongside one of Trump’s most racist and xenophobic former collaborators, Stephen Miller. And in Ohio, Mandel presents himself as an immigration agent infiltrating technology and refusing science.

While red states like Alabama and Missouri might be out of reach for Democrats, more dynamic states with open seats like Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania pose greater risks for Republicans, who hope to get a seat mid-term in order to regain a majority in the Senate. . Meanwhile, the main GOP pickup opportunities in Arizona and Georgia could easily be wasted if more GOP Trumpers decided to walk away.

The prospect has put Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on an almost inevitable collision course. There is nothing in the world that McConnell wants more than to regain control of the Upper House. And there is hardly anything more in the world that Trump wants than to stick with McConnell.

In fact, in a Fox News podcast released this week, Trump growled, “We need better than Mitch McConnell.”

Indeed, we do – the nation deserves better. But Trump doesn’t send his best staff – or maybe he does, and they are just tragically horrible.

The silver lining here is that Trump may ultimately succeed in sticking with McConnell while helping to keep the Democratic Senate majority intact.

“You have candidates who want to continue to question the past instead of pleading what Democrats are doing now – this is a very problematic approach for Republicans,” said Jessica Taylor, analyst for the non-partisan Cook report. .

History is on the side of Republicans winning seats in a midterm election where Democrats unified control of government. But Trump has a proven track record of defeat before – costing GOP control in the House, Senate and White House. Now Republicans are signed up for another round of Trump’s Midas touch and the list is already coming together nicely.

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