Valve’s Steam Game Festival is now Steam Next Fest

Valve’s Steam Game Festival has a new name and an upcoming start date. The Steam Next Fest will begin on June 16 and run through June 22, the company said on Wednesday. This means in particular that it will overlap part of this year’s program. probably all digital E3. The three-day event is scheduled to start on June 15.

Valve says the new name communicates “more directly” the purpose of the event as a multi-day celebration of the game. There will be “hundreds” of upcoming game demos to play, live streams and a chance to play. discuss with the people behind these projects. The Steam Game Festival was born from Valve’s work with Geoff Keighley, host of the Game Awards and has since become a regular feature on the platform. With GDC back as a hybrid event in July and the Summer game party Also back, Steam Next Fest won’t be the only digital show to catch your eye if you’re a gamer coming in the summer.

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