Stagg EKG + Electric Kettle Review: Improve Your Morning Cup

I am not superstitious but sometimes it’s like my first Cup of coffee or the tea of ​​the day knows something that I do not know. If it’s rich, full-bodied, and creamy, the world is my oyster – well, I don’t like oysters, then maybe the world is my sweet and delicious mochi. If the drink is thin and bitter and watery, I should buckle up, because things are fine. really bad.

As much as I would like to think my morning drink is sending me signals from the universe, it is much more likely that a good coffee or tea will be easy to brew when you have the mental energy and patience to. do it the way you want. . The key to preparing a drenched killer or the brewed elixir is the consistency, and the Stagg EKG + electric kettle delivers just that – it takes some of the guesswork out of brewing a consistent cup.

It’s expensive, but it can act as a counterbalance to the burden of a bad day, tipping the scales towards “Today might be OK after all.”

Untitled Goose Kettle

Gooseneck kettles like this are amazing for pouring coffee, due to the precision they offer when pouring water over the grounds, but the Stagg EKG + is a kitchen gadget. amazing that I would recommend to anyone, even if you rarely brew coffee.

Having a kettle that can heat water to any temperature (above room temperature) comes in handy when cooking, making homemade syrups, and marinating quickly. soy curls or dried beans. This narrow spout also makes it a great choice for pouring boiling water into small, narrow passages, like those you’ll find in a glass tobacco pipe or the oven chamber of a tobacco vaporizer.

A kettle that can bring water to specific temperatures will improve your tea and coffee game in ways you might not expect. No more thermometers or guesswork when trying to brew a more delicate green or white tea – try brewing them between 140 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit instead. Black teas absolutely bloom when you steep them in 180-190 degree water. For yaupon teas, I had the best luck with a long 8-10 minute descent with 200 degree water. For the standard pour-over coffee, I have come to really enjoy a 180 degree slope. A constant temperature made my morning cup reliably smooth and creamy.

The best part? It’s so easy to experience. Do you think it is totally absurd that tea and coffee taste different at 160 degrees compared to 180 degrees? Take a quick comparison test and prepare the two, then compare. I can taste the difference between the coffees and teas that I use, but these temperatures can be completely different with your local water and your favorite coffees or teas.

Smooth aesthetics

You can absolutely get an electric kettle with temperature control for less, but what you pay here is the build quality, appearance, and a myriad of other factors. Think of it like buying a nice pair of headphones.

The EKG + is incredibly durable. Compared to other kettles I’ve owned, it’s almost impervious to scuffs, scratches, and common kitchen wear – and I’ve been pretty tough on this thing. Add to that the well-made gooseneck and it’s easy to see why this is the kettle you’ll find in almost any cafe in Portland, Oregon.

She’s also a cutie cutie. Look at this thing. Those curves, the cleverly designed grip that anticipates exactly how your hand wants to hold it, the long gooseneck. Look at the gams on this ladyI could have told if I was a tough old street, munching on a toothpick and pestering passers-by with my branded zingers. The design language is sober without being minimalist, luxurious without being ostentatious. It’s a love letter for clean, focused industrial design, and I’m here for it.

This clear and concise design philosophy applies to the function of the kettle itself. It has a button that doubles as a button to control the temperature (Knob Feel would be proud) and a single LCD screen that displays the water temperature. On the back of the heating element (the square base), there is a switch to turn the kettle’s ‘hold’ function on or off – if you want it to keep the water at the desired temperature until to 60 minutes or let cool.

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