McConnell flies into hysteria over potential loss of his filibuster Jim Crow

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He inadvertently said it very clearly on Tuesday when he let slip this ridiculous piece of historical revisionism: filibuster, he said, has “no racial history.” Any. There is no dispute between historians ”. Historians immediately taken to Twitter to dispute this.

Dr Kevin Kruse had 100 years of titles at hand in a filibuster tweet against anti-lynching and civil rights bills, add the caveat at the end: “I must stress that this is not remotely an exhaustive list – I did it quickly and I did not repeat the years when there were several obstructionists on different rights issues civilians. ” Dr. Joanne Freeman highlighted that the Senate belongs website on the history of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which begins “The longest continuous debate in Senate history took place in 1964 on the Civil Rights Act.” The whole play centers on the efforts of Southern Senators to kill Bill. “On March 9, when Mansfield decided to take action, Southern Senators obstructed the bill. The Senate debated the bill for sixty days, including seven Saturdays.”

This gaff required a immediate cleaning on the aisle Mitch of his staff. What he meant, his press secretary said the “origins” of the filibuster were not racist, citing this phrase from a PolitiFact item: “Historians told PolitiFact that the systematic obstruction did not arise from debates about slavery or segregation.” Good, but here is the next sentence from that article: “However, they agreed that parliamentary tactics were closely linked to opposing civil rights for over a century.” Then they cite one. “The stories of filibuster, civil and voting rights, and race in America are intertwined,” said Steven S. Smith, political scientist and Senate scholar at Washington University in St. Louis. ” “

Not that this stopped McConnell from telling outrageous and ridiculous lies. Right after that, McConnell testified at the Senate Rules Committee hearing for Section 1, The People’s Act and actually said this:


“States are not trying to suppress voters in any way.” He said that.

He said that when the non-partisan Brennan Center for Justice which find “As of February 19, 2021, lawmakers in 43 states have postponed, pre-archived, or introduced more than 250 bills that would make it more difficult to vote – more than seven times the number of restrictive bills compared to about the same time last year. “

All of this confused McConnell so much that he created havoc everywhere for his staff. On Fox News Wednesday morning, he mentionned “I don’t think I spoke with [Biden] since he was sworn in. “It took reporters about 10 minutes to find statements from him like this on February 2:” The president called me on two things: Burma was one of them. The other… [was] the budget process and the coveted relief. “Which again led McConnell’s staff to say, yes, he spoke with Biden from Burma.

McConnell’s increasingly frenzied rhetoric isn’t just failing to sway Democrats. He turns against him. Last week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer brush McConnell’s “scorched earth” rhetoric as a “violent threat”.

“We are not going to be discouraged,” Schumer said. “We’re going to move forward because we know the American people demand, need, want bold change. And we’re going to do it. Mitch McConnell can do whatever he wants with threats and bluster. won’t stop us. “President Biden apparently concord, with his advisers telling Axios “that he feels optimistic about what he can accomplish, and is fully prepared to support rushing Senate filibuster rule to allow Democrats to pass voting rights and other trophy laws for his party “.

McConnell is doing himself no favors by trying to stop the inevitable end of the filibuster with threats and lies. It makes it harder every day for Democrats who are struggling to get rid of the filibuster to find themselves on his side. Like Independent Senator Angus King, who written in the Washington post, “Total opposition to reasonable protections of the right to vote cannot be activated by filibuster; if I am forced to choose between a Senate rule and democracy itself, I know where I am going to come down. “

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