How does it work and how much can you save?

As consumers, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to get the most out of our money. In addition to scouring the internet for new deals or looking for cash back options, shoppers can choose to join group buying communities for even more savings.

Group purchases are consolidated community purchases of items such as groceries, electronics, or even furniture. The main benefit of group buying is definitely savings, as consumers can get these items below the retail price.

With the rise of social media, group buying groups have since crowded social media platforms such as Telegram, Facebook and Instagram. The trend was further propelled by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen Singaporeans use delivery services and shop online more frequently.

According to a report According to The Straits Times, at least 50 real estate group purchases have sprung up across the island during and after the breaker period.

In fact, one particular group buying community for the Sengkang region – Sengkang Group Buy – has become so popular that all its WhatsApp groups are full, and new members can only be added when there is a slot available.

Although the breaker era is well over, the practice of group buying has remained stuck and even big brands such as Courts and Shopee have launched their own group buying initiatives.

Here’s a look at how Singaporeans can participate in group buying and get the best value for their money.

How group buying works

Image Credit: Sengkang Group Buy

There are many group buying communities in Singapore, and each of them is likely to have their own methods of completing the group buying process.

However, the instructions are not difficult to follow and do not differ too much from group to group.

Typically, the bulk purchase host will take orders from interested parties and also be responsible for the delivery process. They must also ensure that the minimum order, if any, is met.

On the other hand, all buyers need to do is follow the instructions given by the host and then wait to collect their items.

An example of a large group buying community is SG fresh. Fresh SG specializes in fruits and vegetables and has more than 50 real estate groups and private groups on WhatsApp.

SG group purchase fresh
The ordering process on Fresh SG / Image credit: Fresh SG

According to Fresh SG, buyers simply need to join the WhatsApp group dedicated to their domain, before ordering through purchase orders sent by domain hosts. They will then pick up their orders at the host’s home after paying by bank transfer.

Another example is the start of social e-commerce WE BUY, launched in September 2019.

Looking at a gap between traditional suppliers and the modern consumer, the platform offers traders and consumers the ability to find and supply new F&B items, while helping SMEs across Asia expand their opportunities. commercial.

Vincent Xue, co-founder and CEO of WEBUY, told Vulcan Post in a separate interview that they had successfully sold 4,000 boxes of abalone in four hours.

Social e-commerce is driven by social interactions between friends and family, and WEBUY also uses social media groups and chats to reach shoppers.

WeBuy Group buy
Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Even traditional retail stores are joining the group buying train. For example, the furniture brand COURTS sometimes organizes group buying promotions.

Last September he held a sale for new owners, with better deals for those who bought as a group.

Where can I find bundle purchase offers?

Group purchase
Image Credit: Sengkang Group Buy

Group buying agreements are plentiful, and a quick Google search reveals a long list of group buying communities. There are also many types of group buying communities available.

For example, there are discussion groups for specific products that are not limited to a particular area or zone. This includes a WhatsApp group for the famous Telok Ayer Teochew fish soup, artificial turf, and even Nuyolk Eggs.

Many also buy their groceries through group buying discussions.

Treedots is a food redistributor aimed at reducing food waste and has organized group buying in various parts of Singapore. Buyers can choose from a wide range of products such as barramundi collar, salmon and beef tongue.

Another popular group buy is Singapore Home Cooks, which hosts theme group buys such as “Japan Air Flown Night” via Facebook Live.

More recently, e-commerce giant Shopee also launched a group purchase option.

shopee group buy
Shopee screenshot

Buyers can create or join existing groups for the products of their choice. Group owners then have 12 hours or until the end of the promotion to complete the group and take advantage of lower prices.

How much can I save?

group of dashes buy
Image Credit: Sengkang Group Buy

Group buying is akin to bulk buying, which allows sellers to offer discounts. It is also one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of group buying.

We have looked to various group buying discussions to determine the cost savings that can be achieved if they participate in group buying.

A Honey from Yummi House Bulk buying in a Telegram group for Sengkang and Punggol offered gift boxes for almost half the retail price. According to the order form, a set consisting of 600 grams of honey, a wooden spoon and three batik masks was offered for S $ 65, which is a significant reduction from its retail price of 121. $ 70 S.

In the same group, a group shopping e-commerce site for catering Angliss saw a package of 21 Swiss Black Forest rolls priced at S $ 8.90, which translates to savings of around S $ 4.

Besides the cost savings, buyers are also guaranteed convenience, as the pickup locations are likely located in their neighborhood. Sometimes it is also possible to have the products delivered directly to their doorstep.

Group buying is here to stay

Besides convenience and cost savings, group shopping also helps to create and foster a sense of friendship and camaraderie, bringing back the “kampung spirit”.

According to Dr Tan Ern Ser, associate professor at the National University of Singapore, these regular interactions between neighbors help to “create social ties and a social network within the field”.

Indeed, in many group buying communities, members have been seen giving dietary recommendations or advice on home improvement work.

With society getting faster and more detached, group buying can offer a new way to reconnect with their neighbors.

Also, many have gotten used to group shopping, which has replaced trips to the supermarket and waiting hours for the next food fad.

Featured Image Credit: Sengkang Group Buy

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