‘Final Fantasy XI’ mobile reboot canceled

The Final Fantasy XI restart that Square Enix was developing with Nexon, a South Korean-Japanese publisher specializing in online games for PC and mobile, has canceled. According to GameSpot, rumors that the project was dead have been circulating since December 2020, but the companies declined to comment at the time. Japanese publication Gamebiz Now reports that Nexon confirmed its cancellation on February 9 during a financial results briefing.

Square released the original game as an MMORPG for PS2 and Windows PCs in 2002 before making it available to Xbox 360 gamers. If you don’t even remember hearing about the reboot, we won’t be surprised: none of the two companies did not talk much about it after the project was announced in 2015. The plan was to create a version of the game for mobile devices called Final Fantasy XI R and release it in 2016, but that clearly didn’t happen – and it never will be after five years of development.

While Nexon did not explain the reason for the cancellation, it appears the companies decided not to proceed with the restart after determining that it was not going to meet quality standards. Final fantasy the fans are waiting. Companies have already assigned employees working on the restart to other projects.

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